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Efficiency & Result

The On Point Piling team collaborated with a client who wanted to construct a basement which extended all the way to his property boundary.

Executing this challenging feat could not be achieved using machines. Hand piling was the most efficient method to perform this project and avoid set-backs.

All three boundaries of the property contained older homes, which meant the vibrations of large machinery had the potential to create damage and cause cracks. Optimal ground conditions allowed the property to be piled via 2000 lineal metres of hand piles. The depth of the piers ranges from six metres up to 8.3 metres, and we’re extremely proud of our capabilities to reach these depth by hand.

Averaging 100 linear metres of piers per day we demonstrated how time efficient and competitive our On Point Piling team is.

This complex project also required a pile cap along with shotcrete, complementary services that On Point Piling provides when needed. Whilst using our own concrete pump, the builder was also able to efficiently leverage use of the machine on site.

The team at On Point Piling successfully completed this complex task, and our client was thrilled with our expertise, speed, and professionalism.


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